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Kavya Tries To Commit Suicide? : Anupama

Kavya and Vanraj’s relationship is not on good terms recently. As Kavya over hears Vanraj talking about not taking divorce with Anupama.

Vanraj is not willing to divorce Anupama and he even speaks about the same over a call. Vanraj informs Kavya about the same he tells her that he won’t be divorcing Anupama and marrying her.

Listening to this news Kavya is shocked and she is unable to bear this shock. Kavya tries to attempt suicide and tries to her life.

Anupama rushes to save her when she comes to know about her suicidal act. She tries to solve the differences between Vanraj and Kavya.

Advait Saves Kavya’s Life!

Advait too rushes to Kavya to save her. He takes them to her treatment center and manages to save her life. Advait is relief when he saves Kavya. It is shocking that takes such a step to end her life.

Advait is really worried when Kavya tries to do this. His reactions show as if some past is related to where someone close to him tried to commit suicide.

He narrates his love story of Samar and Nandini. His entry in the show definitely has some interesting twist in the story.

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The show is a production of Raj Shahi and it is a great hit. You can also enjoy the telecast of the show on the digital platform Disney+ Hotstar.

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