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Kavya’s Evil Side Revealed: Anupama

Kavya is suffering from stress and has trauma as she has been molested when Vanraj was not around. Kavya was at home and she was molested by her a person when she was alone at home.

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After seeing her state Anupama and Vanraj decide to get Kavya to Shah’s house. Kavya takes care of Anupama like a mother.

But the truth is that the whole incident is scripted by Kavya. She wanted to enter Shah’s house and Vanraj’s family. And when Baa asks Vanraj and Kavya to get out of the house Kavya doesn’t want to.

Vanraj and Kavya are romancing in the room and Baa sees both. Baa strictly asks them that they should stop this or should leave Shah’s house and find a new home.

Vanraj says that they both will leave Shah’s house after Mahashivratri pooja. On hearing this Kavya gets upset as she doesn’t wish to leave Shah’s house. And her true evil side is out in front of us.

Kavya wants to destroy the whole Shah family. She wants to kick Baa and Bapuji out of the house. And get the Shah house from them.

Anupama is a story of a lady who lives for her life for her family. However, her husband Vanraj has an affair with colleague Kavya.

Their relationship is revealed in front of everyone and they stay together. After Anupama comes to about the affair she decides to live her life and she improves a lot on herself.

Anupama also files a divorce against Vanraj. On the other hand, the Whole Shah family comes to know about the affair between Samar and Nandini.

Vanraj has a problem with the relationship however, Anupama accepts it.

Kavya’s Evil Side Revealed

Is it going to be interesting to watch

How will Kavya react to Samar and Nandani’s relationship?

Will Kavya be successful her evil act of destroying the Shah family?

How will Anupama react on this situation?

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