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Mere Sai Shoot Shifted To Gujarat!

Mere Sai is a telecast of the popular channel Sony Entertainment Television. The shoot has shifted its shoot location to Gujarat, Umargaon.

As Maharashtra is observing lockdown in the state the shoots for all the shows and films have come to a halt. There are no permissions for the shoot in the state.

Many of the shows are shifting their shoot locations to a different state. Most of the shows have chosen Hyderabad, Goa, Haryana, and many more locations for their shoots.

Mere Sai is shifting its shoot location to Umergaon, in Gujarat. The makers of the show have created an exact replica of the set on the shoot location in the state.

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This was the fastest the makers have been producing the replica of the set in another location. The makers have built up exact replica of the set as it is in Maharashtra.

The director of the show while speaking to one of the leading entertainment portals speaks about the shoot shifting the location. Sachin Ambre speaks about the shoot location.

Mere Sai Shoot Shifted To Gujarat!

He says, “In a matter of six to seven days, we have created a replica of the Mumbai sets in Umbergaon, Gujarat. The creative and art direction team has done a phenomenal job. Nobody can spot the difference in the sets of Mumbai and Umargaon.”

He says that the entire set was erected at the other location within six to seven days of time. And they have erect the sets in such a way that no one will be able to spot the difference between the two sets.

Mere Sai is a production Dashami Creations. the previous set of the show is in Naigon that is in Mumbai.

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