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Balaji Telefilms Auditions, Registration, Careers, Jobs


Balaji Telefilms is the big name in Indian cinema. If you want to start your career as dancer, actor, tv host, singer, photographer, news reader, director, choreographer, fashion designer, makeup artist, hair stylist, writer, script writer,model, lead actor, production in Indian film and TV industry then you must try to give Balaji Telefilms Auditions. If you don’t know to give apply for Balaji Telefilms Auditions then please follow these steps.

Movies Audition: Balaji Telefilms Auditions, Registration, Careers, Jobs

Balaji Telefilms Auditions & Registration Details


Balaji Telefilms has introduced the website known as Hoonur for all actor, model, writer, editor, singer, dancer, technician and everyone in the entertainment industry. It is very simple to give auditions for Balaji Telefilms serials and movies.

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  1. First, go to www.balajitelefilms.com/hoonur.php 
  2. Register FREE account on hoonur.com
  3. Create Portfolio on hoonur.com
  4. After that click on create portfolio button
  5. Upload photos and videos on hoonur.com
  6. Select the category talent where you fit in best ( more than one category can be selected by user)
  7. For latest auditions information about upcoming auditions at Balaji or casting requirements in Balaji Telefilm serials – You may search for “Balaji auditions” or “Auditions at Balaji telefilms” or “casting auditions at Balaji telefilms”.


How and what to write in a portfolio?

Introduce yourself.

E.g. 1: Actor with 2-year work experience in Marathi theater.

E.g. 2: Trained in classical music. Want to be a playback singer.

Describe yourself.

Highlight your talent. Write about your talent/ skills in detail:

– Relevant work experience.

– Specific training like acting course, model grooming etc.