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MTV Roadies Battleground 7 Auditions & Registration Details

Who is did not get selected in Roadies through Audition and they are always trying to better performance than last performance but failed to impress the judge or were you simply of the grueling group discussions? Well, this last chance you get to fulfill your dream of becoming a Roadies. See Below MTV Roadies Battleground 7 Auditions & Registration Details

This time around MTV & Hero present Roadies Battleground 7 2015 powered by Vivo smartphone In this year of Roadies Battleground, you will face ruthless competitors trying to get a place in Roadies X2 and merciless tasks which will make you give up from the very beginning.


MTV Roadies Battleground 7 Auditions & Registration Details

MTV Roadies Battleground 7 Auditions & Registration Form Below↓


How To do register Online Roadies Battleground 7

If your nationality is Indian and you are 18 years of age, you can register through the following steps:
1. Log onto www.mtvindia.com/rbg
2. Login with Facebook Connect. Once you log in, you will be re-directed to the registration page. Please fill in or verify all your details.
3. You will have to choose one team members. Who has to be of the opposite sex.
4. After verifying or typing in your details hit the Submit button to complete the registration.
5. You will be automatically redirected to the Tasks page where you will read your first audition task and intro task.

In this Roadies battleground 7 mentioned two task : task-1 and task-2, it is the introduced Task-1 in your team and task-2 Clean Your area.

Task 1 – Introduce Your Team

Form a team of 2 time ok Lanka Aur Ek laddki hona zoroori hain.
Introduce yourself with a video that proves, ki tum back share contestants use along ho. Don’t make it boring instead go as wild as you can and submit your video here. Once done, complete the audition task too.
Last day to submit both tasks is the 8th of January

Task 2 – Clean Your Area

Your task is to start cleaning your surrounding areas with a broom.
Create a video of you making your surroundings a better place, upload it to YouTube and submit it below. It’s not that simple, though, you also have to get 5 people from your city to help you clean up the area.
Last day to submit both tasks is the 8th of January.

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