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MTV Sound Trippin, Concept Start Date, Host, Schedule

MTV Sound Trippin is the upcoming youth show on the Indian television network. The show is going to be a telecast of the popular youth channel MTV India.

The show looks up to the original music mainly. Check out more information about the show Start Date, Host, Schedule, etc here on this website. Also, stick around this page to know more about the show.

MTV Sound Trippin Concept

The concept of the show is very unique where it concentrates on the original music. The host of the show will be traveling to different cities and record unusual sounds.

MTV Sound Trippin: Concept Start Date, Host, Contestants, Schedule 2020
Image Credit: Instagram MTV India Page

Then different songs will be made out of the sounds recorded that is one for each place the host will be visiting.

The host for the season will be visiting different cities like Mumbai, Goa Uttarakhand, Jodhpur, and many more.

MTV Sound Trippin Start Date

The show will be hitting the television screens soon this October. MTV Sound Trippin will be starting on October 30, 2020.

The show will air its first episode of the season on October 30.

MTV Sound Tripping Host

The host of the show is going to be a popular composer. Yes, it is Ankur Tewari who will be making his debut as the host of the show.

Ankur is a popular composer, a musician who will be the host for the show MTV Sound Trippin.

This show is going to be a debut for Ankur Tewari as a host on television screens.

MTV Sound Trippin Schedule

The show will be airing on the popular youth channel MTV India. MTV Sound Tripping will be telecasting on every Friday.

You can also enjoy the telecast of the show on the digital platform. MTV Sound Trippin will be streaming on the digital platform Voot at any time and anywhere.

  • Show Name: MTV Sound Trippin
  • Telecasting Channel: MTV India
  • Start Date: October 30, 2020.
  • Telecasting Days: Every Friday
  • Digital Platform of Telecast: Voot

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