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Some Hidden Secret about of MTV Splitsvilla

MTV Splitsvilla is a popular youth dating show in India, the show is recently completed their 12th season and planing to come up with new season.

Splitsvilla is an Indian dating show of television. It is a very popular youth show that airs on MTV India. The show has been successful for so many years. MTV Splitsvilla has completed 12 seasons on the television. Check Here Some Hidden Secrets about this youth Show ‘MTV Splitsvilla’

Most often there are many questions about the show. Here are a few questions we will be trying to clear out about the show MTV Splistvilla.

Which Splitsvilla season is best?

The season 6 of the Splitsvilla has had the highest rating from all the seasons. So it is said to be the best season of all. The season was hosted by Nikhil Chinapa and Sherlyn Chopra. The winner for the season are Paramvir Singh and Mandy Debbarma.

What happens in Splitsvilla?

Splitsvilla is a popular youth dating show. There are a number of girls and boys who are a part of the show. They perform various tasks together become the ideal match and then compete for the final. On the finale, two ideal matches perform and the one that wins the task wins the show.

Who won MTV Splitsvilla 12?

Splitsvilla Season 12 is won by Shrey Mittal and Priyamvada Kant. Check all seasons winner list here.

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Who is the most beautiful girl in MTV splitsvilla 12?

All girls are beautiful. So all the girls of Spiltsvilla Season 12 are beautiful.

Who is the richest contestant in Splitsvilla 12?

Splitsvilla 12 is one of the best season of all times. Well, Piyush Sharma is said to be the richest contestant of the season 12 of Splitsvilla.

Are Shrey Mittal and Priyamvada Kant dating?

Shrey Mittal and Priyamvada Kant formed their bond on the show Splitsvilla Season 12. The duo won the season as their love bond made it to the finale and then winning the title of the show. Yes they are together after the show too.

MTV Splitsvilla Q & A: Here Some Hidden Secrets about this youth Show
Is Priyamvada and Shrey still together?

Priyamvada Kant and Shrey Mittal bond was formed on the reality dating show of television Splitsvilla. The duo made it to the finale and even won the season 12 of Splitsvilla. They are with each other after the show too.

Who is Shrey Mittal dating?

Shrey Mittal is dating Priyamvada Kant who is an actress, and the winner of the Splitsvilla Season season 12. Shrey and Priyamvada met on the show Splitsvilla 12 where they both won the season.

Who is Shruti Sinha dating?

Shruti Sinha is a Splitsvilla and Roadies fame. She was a part of the show Roadies Xtreme, Splitsvilla 11, and Ace of Space 2.

She is a winner of Splitsvilla season 11. There are no details about the Shruti Sinha currently dating anyone.

Is Arshiya dating Piyush?

Earlier in the show Arshiya and Piyush were dating each other. Reports say that they both have split after the show. However, there no official confirmation about the duo splitting.

Are Naina and Baseer still together?

Naina and Baseer had good friendship between them. They both met each on the show Splitsvilla. They both are together as a good friends.

Who is Priyank girlfriend?

There are no details about his current girlfriend. We will updates you soon after an official confirmation from the sources.

Who is Baseer Ali’s girlfriend?

There are no details about his current girlfriend. We will updates you soon after an official confirmation from the sources.

Why did Priyank and Divya breakup?

As the things were not working out between them and the duo split. Divya came to the Bigg Boss house where Priyank Sharma was a part and she broke.

Is Divya and Varun married?

Divya and Varun are not married to each other. However, they both are dating each other.

Are Varun and Divya dating?

Well, we have seen the chemistry between Varun and Divya on the show Ace of Space. And the couple is dating each other.

Is Priyank and Divya together?

No Priyank and Divya are not together now. The has split long before.

Is Priyank Sharma dating Benafsha?

Priyank and Benafsha are dating each other. Priyank has even confirmed it on his Instagram handle about the two dating.

How can I apply for Splitsvilla?

You can be a part of the show by filling up the registration form for the show. You can visit the official website of Voot to be a part of the show. Or you can stay tuned with us we will be posting about the auditions of Splitsvilla Season 13.

Who is the ideal match of Shrey Mittal?

Ideal match of Shrey Mittal on the show Splitsvilla is Priyamvada Kant. They both were the ideal matches of each other and later they both won the show.

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