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Here is a list of New MX Player Originals

Top MX Player Originals, you should to watch once

MX Player is one of the popular video streaming platforms. There are many popular web series available on MX Player. Where you can watch the popular MX Player Original/web series and videos on the app. All you need to do is download the app on your android devices and enjoy the services. Not at all Zee5 is also Originals Movies and Web Series streaming site.

MX player has the content in various regional languages. Series and videos are available on the MX Player in the languages Hindi, Marathi, Tamil, Telugu, Punjabi, Malayalam, and many more.

Check out the complete details about the MX Player here. Also find out more information about the Web Series in 2020 on MX Player on this website.

1. Samantar

Samantar is a story about the young man whose life changes after he meets another man who has the same destiny. The Original of MX Player available in the Marathi Language.

It is a Suspense and Drama series started to primer on 13 March 2020. Watch its all 9 episodes free on MX player.

MX Player Original Samantar
Watch the Samantar Web Series all episode on MX Player

2. Naked

Naked is a Web series of MX Player with the tagline: “Seductive Killer or innocent victim? A murder mystery like no other”. You can watch the series now on MX Player which is streaming for free.

Natasha who is a porn star is a suspect to the murder of her fiancé and the story continues to know more what happens in the story watch the series now on MX Player streaming from March 25, 2020. Watch its all 10 episodes free of cost on MX Player OTT.

3. Pawan & Pooja

Pawan & Pooja the complicated love stories is a web series of MX Player which is streaming from February 14, 2020.

Pawan & Pooja
The series is witness the complicated love this year

The tagline of the series is, “Relationships mein pyaar zyada hai ya complications?”. You can watch this web series now on MX Player and witness the complicated love this year. Pawan & Pooja streaming from February 14, 2020, watch all episodes in free.

4. Mastram

Mastram is a web series of the MX Player. The story of the series revolves around a writer from a very small village. He wishes to publish his book. The problem here is no publication is ready to publish his book.

Then he meets a printing press owner who asks him to write about the erotic stories. The writer writes a story and names it Mastram. Which gets published and popular.

You can watch all episodes of the series now on the popular digital platform MX Player.

5. Girlfriend Chor

Girlfriend Chor is the Web series of the MX Player. It is streaming from April 17, 2020. Watch all episodes now on the MX Player.

Girlfriend Chor
one of the funniest Original

MX Player writes the official summary of the series as, “Lovelorn college guy Aakash has been friend-zoned – again! Neha, who he’s been pining for a while, broke up and is now with the charming Vishal. Having seen Aakash’s patterns one too many times, his dad, Mohan decides that it’s time to intervence, He, with Akash’s mother and Ritu- Vishal’s friend who has been friend-zoned by Vishal band together and decide that they’re going to undertake a proper mission to set this complicated love square in order.”

6. Mannphodganj Ki Binny

Mannphodganj Ki Binny is the Web series of MX Player. Streaming from March 31st, 2020.

The story of the series revolves around. Watch the All episodes on MX Players now.

The plot of the Mannphodganj ki binny revolves around Binni Bajpai. She is 21-year-old small town girl. Her character is similar to one of the popular Bollywood movie Jab We Met’s Geet. While she is the perfect blend of desi Swag and progressive Outlook. Despite being a small town girl she has big dreams.

The show will showcase how she finds her own identity and lives her dreams to the fullest.

7. Bhaukaal

Bhaukaal is another web series of MX Player. The release of the series took place recently. It is an amazing story about the IPS officer of India.

the story of SSP Naveen Sikhera
the story of SSP Naveen Sikhera

MX player gives the tagline to the trailer video of the series Bhaukaal as, “Miliye India ke असली singham se, jiske aane se #MachGayaBhaukaal मुजफ्फरनगर ki galiyon mein! A story inspired by the life of IPS officer #NavnietSekera.”

To know more about the series watch all episodes now on MX Player.

8. Ek Thi Begum

Ek Thi Begum is streaming on MX Player since April 08, 2020.

MX Player titles the trailer uploaded on the YouTube for Ek Thi Begum as, “Jab underworld ka don mila apne sabse bade dushman se – ek Begum! Inspired by true events – #EkThiBegum, is the untold revenge story of Ashraf aka Sapna. “

This is the one series you can watch out all episodes on MX Player OTT now.

9. Official Bhootiyagiri Season 3

Official Bhootiyagiri Season 3 started streaming on MX Player from May 14, 2020. You can now watch the series on MX Player.

The official tagline for the trailer shared by the MX Player on YouTube for Official Bhootiyagiri Season 3 is given as, “How will Dilawar Rana manage a haunted hotel? Ab lagta hai CEOgiri nahi sirf Bhootiyagiri chalegi!”

Official Bhootiyagiri Season 3

These are a few of the popular web series of MX Player streaming in 2020. You can enjoy all the series now.

Here is list of List of MX Player Original Shows

Pawan & PoojaRomance, Drama14 February 20201 Season, 10 EpisodesHindi
Ek Thi Begamaction thriller15 April 20201 Season, 10 EpisodesMarathi
BhaukaalDrama, Action6 March 20201 Season, 10 EpisodesHindi
SamantarSuspense, Drama13 March 20201 Season, 9 EpisodesMarathi
Mastramcomedy, fantasy30 April 20201 Season, 10 EpisodesHindi

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