Final India’s Asli Champion 2017…. Hai Dum! Contestants Name List


The Bollywood actor Suniel Shetty coming back with his New version reality Stunt show  ‘India’s Asli Champion’. The show first promo is launched at AND TV channel. The show will test the physical and mental endurance of the contestants.  Who are ready to compete for different walks of life then join for the title of India’s Asli Champion. The show will start soon on AND TV channel. India’s Asli Champion Contestants list 2017 announced, check below.

The Host of the show Suniel Shetty said in his interview, “It will test the contestants’ will power to go that extra mile when their physical strength gives up”.

#Schedule Details

Broadcast: AND TV (&TV)

Day: Saturday and Sunday

Time: 9 PM

Host: Suniel Setty

Broadcast Link: OZEE Videos 

Asli Champion Contestants list


India’s Asli Champion Contestants List 2017

The head of the AND TV channel, Rajesh Iyer has said “India’s Asli Champion is a different format show in this show Suniel will highlight the next level of mental and physical endurance in participants. Suniel is itself hosting the show, he have the passion for the fitness, it makes him an apt choice to lead the show. The India’s Asli Champion Contestants List has announced. There is the total of 12 contestants: 6 girls and 6 boys, let’s a look below.

1 ) Swati Chauhan

Swati Chauhan is an actor, model and an international level swimmer. She is the perfect blend of beauty and fitness. Swati joining India’s Asli Champion.

2) Kavita Kolapkar

Kavita Kolapkar is a professional swimmer and software engineer. She is from Mumbai, India and now she is 24 years old.

3) Aishwarya Salagare

Aishwarya Salagare is multi-talent girl a basketball, tennis, football and Taekwondo champion. He is 22 years old and now she is participating in India’s Asli Champion as a contestant.

4) Supa Parveen

Supa Parveen is a profession athlete, who aspires to represent India at an international level. She is 22 years old from Kolkata, India.

5) Urmimala Boruah

Urmimala Boruah is a professional Gym trainer and businesses women. She has 32 years old from Guwahati. She has 14 years daughter, who have national level tennis player.

6) Gurleen Kaur

Gurleen Kaur is a professional Wushu fighter, who has won numerous medals in Wushu championships and kick-boxing. She has 23 Years old from Delhi, India.

Now turning to India’s Asli Champion Men’s Contestants

7) Niraj Rao

Niraj Rao has the fourth-ranked fittest athlete in Pune and he is also the professional footballer, who play for Deccan Rovers Football Club. He is 22 years old from Pune, India.


8) Chinmay Mhatre

Chinmay Mhatre is a professional swimmer and Comedian from Pune. He is 24 years old and now participating in the AND TV new Reality show “India’s Asli Champion”

9) Sanjay Negi

Sanjay Negi is a Devil’s Circuit Champion, he has won Hyderabad, Ahmedabad, and Chennai. Who has 30 years old, Sanjay has won the Ultra Obstacles race in Bangalore.

10) Sumit Kurhade

Sumit Kurhade is the cricketer and won has been awarded Outstanding Batsman and Man of the Match medals in Maharashtra Premier League. Who has 25-year-old Sumit is also online trainer and fitness model.

11) Arjun Khurana

Arjun Khurana is 24 years old, he has made the career in fitness trainer. He is now Student and participating in India’s Asli Champion.

12) Sunil Menon

He is the oldest contestant of the AND reality show India’s Asli Champion. He is 43 years old from Hyderabad. Suni Menon has 2nd Iron Man certified coach in India and winner of the Iron Man race in South Africa in 2014.

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  1. Mohit Morya
  2. Himanshu Bohra Aryan
  3. vikas kumar
  4. ashish grade
  5. Rohit Verma
  6. Rohit Chaudhary
  7. Deep Naagar
  8. Daulat Singh Khangarot
  9. aman sharma
  10. Site 4 you
  11. Muhammed Wasim Bagban
  12. Danish Qureshi
  13. Ashish Vashisht
  14. Havi Yelgadi
  15. Nitin Devgan
  16. Ravi Shukla
  17. Vishwas Tiwari
  19. Pawan Rana
  20. shadab jabir pathan
  21. Merajul islam
  22. Sunny
  23. Kamal Kishor Kumawat
  24. fatma shidhque
  25. S.P varshney
  26. Vikram Kashyap
  27. Zafar Khan ( Ňåwåß )
  29. Thakur Amtesh Kumar Solanki
  30. Ram Kumar Pal
  31. Shesh Kumar
  32. IrshadKhan47
  33. irshad khan
  34. irshad khan
  35. Rohit
  36. Nitin Devgan
  37. rohit gupta
  38. Lakhveer Singh
  39. Jashwant singh
  40. Jashwant singh
  41. Jashwant singh
  42. Jashwant singh
  43. Ankush Clancy
  44. rajan Kumar
  45. Neeraj Prajapati Human Rights
  46. Sandeep Lathwal
  48. sahal
  49. Rajesh Panwar
  50. MajorPal Singh
  51. Darshan singh
  52. Darshan singh
  53. Usha singh
  54. Mohammad Khalid Haseen
  55. om kashyao
  56. Suchit Pandey
    • Mohammad Khalid Haseen
    • Mohammad Khalid Haseen
  58. swapnil
    • Mohammad Khalid Haseen
    • Mohammad Khalid Haseen
  59. Ajay kumar
  61. Püjãñrāj Çhávdā
    • Mohammad Khalid Haseen
    • Mohammad Khalid Haseen
  62. Sayyed abbas
  63. pravin patil
  64. pravin patil
  65. mona
  66. pravin patil
  67. Manish
  68. Moon ahmed
  69. Moon ahmed
  70. zafar khan

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