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Prem Bandhan- Harsh accuses Janki

Mumbai, 28th April 2021: Harsh’s excuses Shweta as he goes to fix the mess that Janki created. He wants to end this whole chapter and come to a conclusion while Janki insists in calling the cops when Ram stops her. She thinks it’s fun to blackmail them and stays there to see everyone’s reaction. Ram in anger tries to choke Janki on the side. On the other hand Savita pretends to look very upset and shows her fake concern towards Janki. Ram and Rajesh later try to convince Harsh to think of the family name and Business reputation as everything can get destroyed if he takes a wrong step.

Prem Bandhan- Harsh accuses Janki

Later, Dadi and Janki are in their room talking and Dadi tells her she wants the old Janki back. But due to the circumstances, Janki cannot tell her the truth. Harsh comes to find Janki and sees her with Dadi. He pulls Janki away from the room and tries to get answers from her while she remains quiet and numb. He blames her for all the previous incidents that happened like mixing chemicals in the Mehendi, making Savita fall, robbing from Savita’s wardrobe as she had an eye on Shastri’s wealth.

Janki cannot take all the blame and answers Harsh back. He walks off and tells her that he doesn’t consider her as his wife. Watching this Vandana and Rangeela are the ones who come in support and console her.  Janki then tries to enter Harsh’s room as he demeans her and Shweta shuts the door on her face in anger.

-Will Janki tell Dadi the entire truth?

-Will Harsh talk to Janki again?

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