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Prem Bandhan – Janki threatens Shastri family

Mumbai, 27th April 2021: Everyone finds out that the bride is Janki instead of Shweta. Shikhar and Dadi are trying to understand why Janki married Harsh, what was the reason behind deceiving everyone. Rajesh tries to drag Janki down and throw her out of the resort but Harsh stops him and asks Ram to call the police and let them handle the situation.

Prem Bandhan - Janki threatens Shastri family

When Ram tells Rajesh to call the police, Janki flips completely and she threatens them that she will file a complaint against them for getting her married forcefully to a mad man and harassing her parents. The entire family is shocked to see Janki like this. She threatens Savita that she will reveal the entire truth about their first marriage to Harsh.

On the other hand, Shweta tries to grab Harsh’s attention by telling him that she saw a bad dream. Her nightmare makes terrifies Harsh. Sitting alone, Harsh couldn’t believe that Janki was capable of betraying his trust. He feels Janaki has cheated on everyone. He doesn’t accept Janaki as his wife.  He thinks Janaki, a small-town girl has taken him for a ride and got married to him for money.

– How will Savita stop Janki from revealing the truth?

– Will Harsh come to know the truth behind his past?

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