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Priyanka Malviya Bags Meri Doli Mere Angna!

Meri Doli Mere Angna is a popular show on Indian television network. The show is a roll out of popular channel Azaad TV. The show is doing wonders on the television screens.

Here are recent plots that Priyanka Malviya will be bagging the show in a pivotal role. She will be entering the show in a negative role. She will be playing the role of Nidhi in the show. Nidhi is a wife of Worship Khanna who is a negative male lead for the show.

Her entry in the show is definitely going to add up to the spice in the show. Her entry will bring new twist and turns in the story.

The story of the show is having a base on the message for gender equality. The backdrop for the show is about the birth of baby girl Janki in a family residing in village. The family’s fortune changes after there is a birth of girl child in the house.

It gives a very strong message that says stop gender discrimination and treat girls and boys equally in society.

The other star cast of the show has Dhrisha Kalyani, Surendra Pal, and Worship Khanna.

The show is a telecast of a popular channel Azaad TV. You can also enjoy the streaming of the show on digital platform at anytime and from any where.

The OTT platform that will be airing the show on platform is MX Player.

Meri Doli Mere Angna is doing wonders on television screen. It is a telecast of the popular channel and the show has a unique story line.

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