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5 Reasons to Watch Ted Lasso

5 Reasons to Watch Ted Lasso

Are you in search of a good comedy? Ted Lasso has to be on your list.

Watch Ted Lasso

Ted Lasso has been one of the most talked about series this season by bloggers and average viewers. I, Nellie Burges, also wanted to write my paper about this perfect series because it’s worth watching.

Little Bit About a Plot

It follows an American soccer coach from the US who heads to the UK to coach a soccer team in London. The team is not doing very well and needs Ted’s help to get them back on track and start winning.

On the surface, it is just another sports comedy, but it has something that makes it unique and has earned the best reviews from those who have seen it.

The series is based on sketches initially appearing on NBC as part of the Premier League coverage. Still, it’s hilarious, and Jason Sudeikis’ charisma grabs you from the first episode.

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Why Watch Ted Lasso?

Jason Sudeikis as Ted Lasso

Sudeikis has been seen in big comedy movies like Colossal and Booksmart, plus he’s appeared in series like The Mandalorian (yes, he has a cameo as a Trooper) and Saturday Night Live.

The entire series cast does a great job of connecting with the audience. Still, Sudekis shines as a soccer coach who doesn’t know what’s in store for him when he moves to London. Lasso’s optimism and dynamic with the rest of the characters is brilliant.

Pure good humor and moments that will lift your spirits

This is a comedy, but it doesn’t use cheap tricks to amuse. It was a great decision not to turn Ted into a clown but into a character who is simply a little out of his element and isn’t going to let that destroy him.

The series has humor and a lot of heart, and to give you an idea, in the first episode Ted becomes famous after a viral video in which he shows that he gets along great with his players (and we won’t say more so as not to spoil anything).

It’s not just about making jokes. It’s about building a good story that takes its time to make you fall in love with the characters. It’s a series to watch when you’re not feeling so good, wants to laugh, and need a good story to lift you up. 

Lots of soccer

Are you a sports fan? Ted Lasso isn’t just about banter. He also shows the AFC Richmond players on the field, and their wins and losses are essential to the story and character dynamics and help create memorable moments where Ted gets to celebrate or share in his team’s defeat.

Realistic relationships (not everything is perfect)

Forget everything Disney teaches you about relationships. Ted Lasso presents several relationships in his story, romantic, friendship, and work relationships, and does it realistically, showing that things are not always perfect and that you will always have good times and bad times with the people in your life.

Ted’s relationship with his co-workers is refreshing and exciting, and it’s a great point that they don’t try to force things that don’t make sense (like a romantic relationship that shouldn’t exist).

Also, Ted isn’t the only good character. Brett Goldstein, Juno Temple, and Hannah Waddingham have also taken home awards and won over the audience as Ted’s fellow adventurers. 

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Many, many awards

The first season of the series swept the awards season, and that’s something that has carried over so far. The series has won 11 Emmy awards (one of the biggest winners at the moment, along with Succession and The White Lotus), including best comedy, best actor, best-supporting actress, and best directing, proving everything about this series works perfectly.

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