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Roopal is my go-to person says, Monika Chauhan

Mumbai, 27th April 2021: It’s said that two lead actors cannot be friends as they are secretly competing with each other. However, this myth can be broken as real friends do support and are thereby each other’s side. Building a connection with whom you can share a special bond and someone who motivates you is rare. Recently Monika Chauhan spoke about her bond with her co-star Roopal Tyagi. They are playing the roles of Reena Kapoor and Ayub Khan’s children in Dangal TV’s show Ranju Ki Betiyaan.

Talking about their bond and how they complement each other, Monika says, “Roopal is like my sister and my dancing partner. On the show, our bond has increased and the comfort level has built up to another extent. In the show, Roopal’s character Bulbul is strong and does not take injustice and gets fired up quickly, while my character Shalu is calm and takes everything very practically. Even off-screen it’s the same. We balance and complete each other. During the shoots, our takes are extremely natural, before me telling her anything she understands everything.”

Roopal is my go-to person says, Monika Chauhan

She also adds, “Even off-screen I am calm while Roopal is bubbly. She is an extremely grounded person, whom you can never get bored of.  Roopal has worked in this industry for a very long time and she helps me learn too. If I ever need anything I can go to her for suggestions without any hesitation and she helps me out.”

Three cheers for Roopal Tyagi for being a great friend.

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