SAB TV Audition – Comedy Superstar Online Web Auditions

Sony TV is coming from an again “comedy superstar” a new comedy show. The show is on the Web audition. If you are a FRESH COMEDY TALENT! with your own unique style and comic timing that will make people laugh. Send us a 2-3 minute video clip of your FUNNIEST material, it could be an original gag, mimicry, spoofy singing/dance or anything that you think is funny before 30th May’ 2015.



Image Source : SAB TV ( Comedy SuperStar )

SAB TV Audition – Comedy Superstar Online Web Auditions : Upload your video now and join us

How to Upload Video

Step : 1 ) Record or make your Auditions Video.

Step : 2) Register yourself by clicking web auditions

step : 3) Upload your video & Read Terms conditions Carefully

step : 4) this is 4th and the last step submits by clicking submit button

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