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Sharad Ponkshe to join the cast of star Pravah’s thipkyanchi Rangoli

Star Pravah is coming up with a new TV show titled as Thipkyanchi Rangoli. the complete details about the starting date and cast members of the show are available on the page here. but according to exclusive sources, Sharad Ponkshe will also join the cast of this TV show. he is one of the popular and talented actors in the Marathi film industry. So it will be extremely interesting to see him on this TV show. Check out complete details about it below. and find out what kind of role he will play in this new show.

Sharad Ponkshe To Join The Cast Of Star Pravah’s Thipkyanchi Rangoli

This brand new TV show Thipkyanchu Rangoli will hit TV screens on 4 October. The TV show will broadcast on every Monday to Saturday at 10 p.m. The Kanitkar family is a crucial part of the show. for them, life is a party and they live in every event.

Sharad Ponkshe will play the role of Vinayak Kanetkar. which is a crucial role in the show. He is the one who binds the Kanitkar family together.

Sharad Ponkshe To Join The Cast Of Star Pravah's Thipkyanchi Rangoli

In an exclusive interview with Times of India, Sharad function shared some details about the show. he said “I am playing the role of Vinay Kanitkar. The person I am playing is the head of the Kanitkar family. It can be said to be the main pillar of the whole family. The responsibility of the entire family is on his shoulder he cares for the safety of the family. Money is helpful when a crisis arrives. so he saves money.”

He added ” A very nice Cast has come together. The audience will get to see the family together on screens once again on the occasion of the show. once again after Agnihotra 2, I am happy to be associated with this channel.”

The online broadcast of the show will be available at anytime and anywhere. Hotstar’s official website and the app will provide the online broadcast of the show. You can download Hotstar’s app from the google play store and app store.

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