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Splitsvilla 7 Contestants List, Wiki, Images, Promo

MTV Splitsvilla is famous youth reality show of MTV India. It is the American Version of Dating show Flavor of Love.The reality show revolves around young boys and girls try to secure a place in Splitsvilla which is a “Villa”. It’s a ‘hunt for love’ show where boys and girls compete in tasks to stay in the competition and mingle with the contestants to find love. See Below Splitsvilla 7 Contestants List.

Splitsvilla 7 started in June, 2014 and ended on 25 October 2014. Mayank Gandhi and Scarlett rose won this season. The show was hosted by Sunny Leone and Nikhil Chinappa.

Splitsvilla 7 Contestants List, Wiki, Images, Promo


Splitsvilla 7 Contestants List


Scarlett Rose – Ultimate Queen of Splitsvilla 7 – Winner


  1. Apurva Singh- Eliminated
  2. Damanjit Grewal- Eliminated
  3. Etansha Gupta – Eliminated
  4. Heena Koranga – Dumped by Shravan Reddy
  5. Jacqueline Ledli – Dumped by Shravan Reddy
  6. Khushi Bhat- Runner-up
  7. Kriti Lohia – Eliminated
  8. Mukti Chopra – Eliminated
  9. Palak Purswani – Dumped by Shravan Reddy
  10. Pooja Mishra – Dumped by Shravan Reddy
  11. Priyanka Purohit- Eliminated .
  12. Rashi Sharma- Dumped by Abhishek Malik
  13. Rosemary Fernandes – Eliminated
  14. Sanjana Ganesan- Quit due to injury
  15. Savita Dokwal – Dumped by Shravan Reddy
  16. Simran Mahendrawal – Dumped by Shravan Reddy
  17. Snoove Das – Eliminated
  18. Sonali Katyal – Dumped by Shravan Reddy
  19. Unnati Pathak- Dumped by Shravan Reddy
  20. Dana Vana- (MTV Battleground entry) (2nd Runner-up )
  21. Ranji Chopra- (MTV Battleground entry) Eliminated


Mayank Gandhi- Ultimate King of Splitsvilla 7 – Winner


  1. Abhishek Malik-“Runner Up”
  2. Ashwini Koul – quit
  3. Ayaz Ahmed -Dumped by Khushi Bhat
  4. Mayank Pawar – Dumped by Dana Vana
  5. Rishabh Sinha – Dumped by Khushi Bhat
  6. Shravan Reddy- (2nd Runner-up)
  7. Yasir khan – (Late entry) Eliminated


Mayank Gandhi and Scarlett Rose – Ultimate King and Queen of Splitsvilla 7 -Winner


  • Abhishek Mallik and Khushi Bhatt- ‘Runners-up’
  • Shravan Reddy and Dana Vana – 2nd Runners-up’
  • Yasir Khan and Apurva Singh – 3rd Runners-up.

Splitsvilla 7 Grand Final Video

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