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Star Parivaar Awards

Star Parivaar Awards ceremony was held on July 03, 2003 in Mumbai. the award ceremonies are usually held at the mid of the year. It is the celebrate the success of the award ceremony , In this award show the nominations declared had the nominees.  This award main view is an accolade given by Star Plus to promote the characters and programs aired on Star Plus

Star Parivaar Awards

Categories of Star Parivaar Awards

Favourite Buzurg  (Not Awarded after 2011)

Favourite Chota Sadasya

Favourite Maa

Favourite Pita

Favourite Saas

Favourite Sasur

Favourite Patni

Favourite Pati

Favourite Beti

Favourite Beta

Favourite Bahu

Favourite Behen (Not Awarded after 2014)

Favourite Bhai (Not Awarded after 2011)

Favourite Bhabhi (Not Awarded after 2010)

Favourite Devrani (Not Awarded after 2011)

Favourite Devar (Not Awarded after 2011)

Favourite Jethani (Not Awarded after 2011)

Favourite Sautan (Not Awarded after 2008)

Favourite Khalnayak (Not Awarded after 2012)

Favourite Naya Sadasya (Female)

Favourite Naya Sadasya (Male)

Favourite Mazedaar Sadasya

Favourite Jodi

Favourite International Jodi

Favourite Mazebaan (Not Awarded after 2014)

Favourite Pratiyogi (Not Awarded after 2014)

Most Stylish Sadasya (Female)

Most Stylish Sadasya (Male)Favourite Digital Sadasya (Female) (Awarded started 2015)

Favourite Digital Sadasya (Female) (Awarded started from 2015)

Favourite Digital Sadasya (Male) (Awarded started from 2015)

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