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Supriya Pathare Replaces Falguni Rajani in Shrimanta Gharchi Suun!

Supriya Pathare will maker her entry in the Marathi show Shrimanta Gahrchi Suun. She will be replacing the actress Falguni Rajani in the show.

Supriya will soon start the shoot for the show. The actress will be stepping in her shoes and it will be a drastic change in the cast of the show. Supriya will be bagging her role soon.

Falguni Rajani joined the cast of the show from the start. She is popular for her role in the show Bhabhi Ji Gharpe Hai. Later to be a part of the Shrimanta Gharchi Suun she made her exit from the show Bhabhi Ji Ghar Par Hai.

It is going to be interesting to watch how the actress will be portraying the role in the show. Supriya Pathare is popular for her role in the Honar Suun Mi Hya Gharchi.

Shrimanta Gharchi Suun A Telecast Of Sony Marathi!

The story of the show is very interesting. Ananya belongs to a very rich family. She get married in a middle-class family to her love interest Atharva. Atharva is from middle-class family. Ananya belongs to a rich family but she is very polite, ground to earth, and she values all the traditions and ritiuals.

But Atharva’s mother is not ready to accpet her as the daughter-in-law in the family. As Ananya belongs to a rich family she doesn’t want a daughter-in-law from a rich family.

There is a Puranpoli competition currently going on in the show. So will competition bring the duo of mother-in-law and daughter-in-law together?

Will they bond better together with each other.

Shrimanta Gharchi Suun is a telecast of Sony Marathi. The show is popular and has a huge fan following of the time.

It is a unique concept with different story line for the viewers of the show.

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