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Unforgettable Oscar moments over the last 2 decades

23rd April 2021; Mumbai: The Oscars are an annual global phenomenon that creates moments that last forever. Although virtually, it has been for over two decades that Indians have been a part of the Oscars with Star Movies. We’ve laughed, cried, and shared moments in the comfort of our homes.

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Now let’s relive some of the most memorable events from the last 2 decades.

Unforgettable Oscar moments over the last 2 decades

2001: Bjork’s Swan Gown Baffles Everybody

The swan-formed outfit that Bjork wore in 2001 may be the most discussed outfit in Oscars history. The crowds, columnists and design pundits ridiculed the dress, designed by Macedonian architect Marjan Pejoski.  To Top it, the vocalist’s mimicked laying an egg on the red carpet.

2002: Halle Berry Makes Oscar History

The actress became the first and the only woman of color to win Best Actress in 2002 for her role in “Monster’s Ball.” She delivered a moving speech, dedicating the award to “every nameless, faceless woman of color, who now has a chance because this door tonight has been opened.”

2003: Adrien Brody Plants A Kiss On Halle Berry 

A year after her large success, Halle Berry stood out as truly newsworthy at the Oscars again — this time, it was for a lot more abnormal explanation. While coming in front of an audience to acknowledge the best entertainer grant for “The Pianist,”, Brody snatched Berry and pulled her in for a kiss. Berry saying she knew nothing “about it” in advance. The nonconsensual kiss has just become more flinch worthy considering the new inappropriate behavior charges that have since moved through Hollywood.

2004: The Return of the King wins 11 Oscars

Peter Jackson’s last film in the epic Lord Of The Rings set trilogy, The Return of the King won each of the 11 Oscars it was named for at the 76th Academy Awards. With eleven awards, The Lord of the Rings: The Return of the King tied with Ben-Hur and Titanic as the most awarded films in Oscar history.

2005: Clint Eastwood wins best director Oscar for Million Dollar Baby

Amazing Hollywood director Clint Eastwood won the second Oscar for the Best Director of his profession for his dull female boxing show Million Dollar Baby. This denotes the finish of his long-term battle to be perceived as a genuine movie producer instead of only a notable troublemaker.

2006: “Crash” Gets A Shocking Win

“Crash” brought home the top prize even in the wake of neglecting the Best Picture designation at the Golden Globes. The triumph of Paul Haggis’ “Crash” over Ang Lee’s widely praised leader “Brokeback Mountain” stays probably the greatest bombshell in Oscar’s history.

2007: Martin Scorsese finally wins best director

After five past designations in the classification, Scorsese got back the honor in his 6th attempt with mobster dramatization -The Departed. He has acquired two coordinating assignments since, for Hugo and The Wolf of Wall Street.

2009 : Heath Ledger wins posthumous Oscar

Record’s 2008 excess stunned Hollywood to its center. After seven months, with the arrival of The Dark Knight, the entertainer shocked again with his splendid exhibition as Joker. Record’s family acknowledged the Best Supporting Actor statuette in the interest of his then-three year old girl, Matilda, whose mother is Michelle Williams. “Heath, we both understood what you had made in the Joker was uncommonly exceptional and had even discussed being here on this very day,” said his sister, Kate Ledger.

2010: Kathryn Bigelow Becomes The First Woman To Win Best Director

In 2010, Kathryn Bigelow brought home the best chief honor for helming 2009’s widely praised war spine chiller, “The Hurt Locker.” The success cemented her place in Oscar’s history, making her the principal lady to win the Best Chief Statuette at the Academy Awards. The film additionally turned into the main Best Picture victor coordinated by a lady.

2011: James Franco And Anne Hathaway Bomb As Hosts

In spite of the fact that James Franco and Anne Hathaway at first appeared to be a promising team to Oscars, Hathaway genuinely gave it her everything, Franco appeared to be totally looked at and scarcely mindful of his environmental factors the whole time.

2012Christopher Plummer wins Oscar for Best Supporting Actor

Christopher Plummer has won the Oscar for Best Supporting Actor at the Academy Awards at the age of 82 becoming the oldest person to receive the award. This was only the second time that Plummer has been nominated for an Oscar, after receiving another best supporting nod for The Last Station in 2010. He in his winning speech with the trophy in his hand said, “You’re only two years older than me, darling, where have you been all my life?

2013: Jennifer Lawrence Falls On Her Way To The Stage

While on her approach to acknowledge the best entertainer grant for her work in “Silver Linings Playbook,” Jennifer Lawrence broadly stumbled over her long outfit halfway up the steps. Making her foot back, she showed up at the, to which she answered at the platform, “You all are just standing up on the grounds that I fell and you feel awful.”

2015: Patricia Arquette Rallies For Pay Equality

After winning best supporting actress for her role in “Boyhood,” Patricia Arquette used her acceptance speech to call out the wage gap between men and women. The entertainer called for gender equality, said, “It’s our chance to have wage uniformity for the last time and equivalent rights for ladies in the United States of America.”

2016: Chris Rock Tackles #OscarsSoWhite

Having Chris Rock tended to the #OscarsSoWhite debate head-on. “I’m here at the Academy Awards, also called the White People’s Choice Awards,” he said in a sharp and mercilessly genuine opening discourse. “You understand in the event that they named has, I wouldn’t land this position.

2016: Leonardo DiCaprio Finally Wins An Oscar

After over twenty years in Hollywood and six nominations, Leonardo DiCaprio at long last got his large success. The entertainer acquired a best entertainer for his presentation in “The Revenant.” After such countless long periods of nearly wins, the actual triumph was sufficiently important.

2017: The Wrong Best Winner Is Announced

Sunday night’s Oscar ceremony went out with a shocking bang as the wrong film was announced as Best Picture winner, then corrected mid-speech. Presenting the award to Warren Beatty, Faye Dunaway announced La La Land as Best Picture.

2019: Steamy “Shallow”

Bradley Cooper and Lady Gaga did a sizzling performance of their A Star Is Born duet “Shallow.” The ballad won the singer her first Oscar, for Original Song. But she and Cooper, who play lovers in his celebrated film reboot, displayed so much chemistry during their onstage performance of the track that many viewers, including celebs, wondered if they were together in real life.

2020: ‘Parasite’ makes Oscars history as the first foreign-language film to win best picture

“Parasite,” the class South Korean film about a helpless family that fools its way into the utilize of a rich one, won the Oscar for best picture at the 92nd Academy Awards on Sunday, turning the primary non-English-language film to take Hollywood’s top prize. It was one of just 11 movies not in English to have been assigned for best picture throughout the entire existence of the Oscars.

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