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Vanraj and Anupama Go On A Family Trip :Anupama

Anupama is a popular show on television. The show is ruling the TRP charts since day 1. Currently, the show is on a divorce track of Anupama and Vanraj.

They both will be separating soon as Vanraj has an affair with Kavya. Pakhi and Family plan to go out on a family trip. As they think that the differences between Vanraj and Anupama will be sorted if they spend time together out.

The court has sent the notice to Vanraj and Anupama of their divorce date which is after 2 days. And their divorce will be final that.

Vanraj is in his room and tells Anupama that he doesn’t wish to go on a trip in this situation. To which Anupama tells him let’s go out on a trip as it’s the end of their relationship which will they will make it a happy ending.

Anupama reminds him of the wedding day the way they took an oath to be with each other for 7 lives. And how they couldn’t be with each other even for single life.

And how a piece of paper is so powerful that their relationship will be broke.

On the other hand, Kavya is selecting a wedding lehenga for herself and a dress for Vanraj. She sends pictures to Vanraj. He gets a bit irritated as he is in an awkward situation with his family.

Anupama And Vanraj decide to End Their Relationship On A Happy Note!

Anupama and Vanraj decide to end their relationship as a happy ending as if it was the start. They go out on a family trip. Where Anupama and Vanraj ride on the bikes for a bike trip. Kavya on seeing this starts fuming and calls them.

Watch the interesting plot of the story on the Star Plus. You can also enjoy the story on the digital platform Disney+ Hotstar.

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