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Vanraj Goes Missing From Shah House: Anupama

Anupama is one of the top shows running on an Indian television network. The show has the highest rating on the BARC TRP charts.

It is going to have an interesting track where Vanraj the male lead role of the show goes missing from Shah house.

All the members of Shah house are in a worry when the find a note writte by Vanraj while leaving the house.

Vanraj is unable to bear the depression of Anupama and his divorce and he decided to leave the house and everyone.

Anupama reads the letter and she is heartbroken when she comes to know the Vanraj is not able to bear the depression of their divorce.

Anupama didn’t want to lose Vanraj at this note. She loved him a lot and she never wanted to lose him like this.

Vanraj is depressed due to divorce

Vanraj is not only depressed but is also guilty and that is the reason he left everyone. He is guilty of ruining the family’s happiness as every member of the house is closely attached to Anupama and they are all heartbroken with Anupama’s exit.

On the other hand, Kavya is stressed as Vanraj is not receiving her calls and not even replying her messages.

In such a panic situation of Shah house will Kavya end up taking unnecessary steps?

Anupama is the one who has to handle this situation all alone and she is heartbroken too.

How will she handle every member of Shah family?

Anupama is a telecast of Star Plus. The show is one of the hit shows on television. In the current track, Anupama and Vanraj both are too stressed out and nervous as their divorce date is nearing.

They both just have 48 hrs left with them together. You can watch the telecast of the show on digital platform Disney+ Hotstar.

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