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Vishal Nikam on winning Bigg Boss Marathi Season 3

Bigg Boss Marathi season 3 concluded their Grand Finale. and finally Vishal Nikam is announced as the winner of the show.  He has become one of the popular contestants of the Bigg Boss Marathi. On winning the show he has shared his excitement with Etimes India. Here are complete details about it below.

Vishal Nikam On Winning Bigg Boss Marathi Season 3

Vishal received the prestigious Trophy of the show. and he also received 20 lakh Rupees as prize money. The actor shared his future plans with popular sources.

He said” I can’t express my happiness. I was so surprised when the first Big Boss team offered me the show. I told them that it was my dream to enter in the Bigg Boss house because it is all about reality. Bigg Boss is a reality show and I feel like it is made for real people like me. I am so happy that people showered me so much love for a guy like me who is so raw.”

About his future plan, he said “I am still struggling. I don’t have a home in Mumbai. I still live on rent.  and even before coming inside the Bigg Boss, I used to live in PG. I still travel by train and I believe in staying grounded and simple. I will utilize the money for myself. I also want to do something for my villages. my people who have done a lot for me and supported me in my journey. but yes I am really happy that a common person like me won such a big show like Big Boss Marathi.”

The actor will be soon coming in new TV shows and Movies.

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