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Zee TV Launch New Love story ‘agar tum na hote’

Agar Tum Na Hote is the new and upcoming show on the Indian television network. The show is going to be launch on the popular channel Zee TV. It is going to be a love story that will be rolling out on television screens.

The first promo for the show is out now and it seems to be very interesting to watch it on television. It is going to be a story of a patient and a nurse. The nurse takes care of the patient who has a very unpredictable nature. She cares for him and makes sure he calms and makes him comfortable.

She plays the mouth organ to make him relax. To which the patient asks her that even if he is so unpredictable what makes her take his care. Nurses reply to him saying that she is determined to cure him even if takes a lot of time for her to do.

Zee TV ‘Agar Tum Na Hote’ Star Cast!

The star cast of the show is all set and the lead male role will be portrayed by Himanshu. He will be playing the role of the patient in the show. The female lead actress for the show will be Simran Kaur. She will be in the character of a nurse in the show.

The promo for the show is out now and you can enjoy the promo for the show at any time. The promo seems to be very interesting and it is fun to watch the promo of the show.

The entire star cast of the show is yet to be out. The makers will soon be announcing the star cast as the talks are still on. A few of the stars that will be entering the show are Anita Kulkarni and Roopali Prakash.

We will be updating you with the details of the star cast of the show.

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