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3 Best Netflix Films About Casino Games

3 Best Netflix Films About Casino Games

If you enjoy the edge-of-your-seat excitement of the casino floor but prefer to keep your wallet in your pocket, Netflix has a great selection of films that bring all the tension and drama of the gaming tables right to your living room. 


In this article, we’ll take a look at 5 of the streaming service’s best movies centered around classic casino games like blackjack, poker, and more. Prepare to feel the rush without risking a dime as we count down the top Netflix films about everyone’s favorite games of chance.

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Casino Royale

Martin Campbell’s 2006 film Casino Royale starring Daniel Craig in his debut as James Bond is widely considered one of the best entries in the long-running franchise. At its core, the film revolves around a pivotal high-stakes poker game where Bond is tasked with defeating terrorist financier Le Chiffre.

Through tense scenes of bluffing and strategic play, Casino Royale brought the excitement of the gambling table directly into cinemas. 

The film took a more realistic approach to depicting Bond’s skills and intelligence compared to over-the-top predecessors, showing his mastery of poker strategy and ability to expertly read opponents. This grounded the character while also making the climactic game feel high-stakes and edge-of-your-seat.

Casino Royale’s most famous scene involves Bond pulling off an improbable win with a straight flush, captivating audiences with the drama of the hand.

The release of Casino Royale coincided with the rise of online gambling. While slots may have still been niche, the film undoubtedly fueled interest in poker and casino games through its glamorous yet authentic portrayal. Its ongoing popularity has maintained this influence.

By bringing the tension of the casino floor to screens, Casino Royale introduced gambling thrills to new audiences and furthered the global reach of these classic games even for those who don’t frequent real-world casinos. It remains the gold standard for both the James Bond franchise and films centered around gambling.

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Mississippi Grind

2015’s Mississippi Grind follows down-on-their-luck gamblers Gerry and Curtis as they embark on a journey down the Mississippi, bonding over their shared passion for poker along the way. Played masterfully by Ben Mendelsohn and Ryan Reynolds, the film uses poker not just as a plot device but to explore each man’s psychology and what the game means to them.  

As the de facto protagonists travel from smoke-filled backroom games to glittering casinos, the film immerses viewers in the highs and lows of gambling. We see poker as more than just cards and chance, but a mental challenge where skill, understanding human behavior, and managing risk are just as crucial.

Their pilgrimage culminates in a high-stakes tournament in New Orleans, representing a chance at remaking their lives.

What develops is not just a road trip but a profound study of friendship against long odds. Their journey sees incredible wins and crushing defeats, with poker serving as both an escape from reality and a mirror into each man’s soul.

Despite setbacks, Gerry and Curtis forge a deep bond and maintain hope that their resilience and belief in one another can help them beat the game, and in doing so perhaps find self-redemption. Mississippi Grind uses poker to tell a moving story about gambling with more than just money on the line.

The Gambler

The 2014 film The Gambler tells the harrowing tale of Jim Bennett, a literature professor with a dark secret – a crippling addiction to high stakes gambling. Mark Wahlberg gives a raw, unflinching performance as Bennett, who finds himself deep in debt to dangerous loan sharks and underground casinos. 

The film pulls no punches in depicting the thrills and dangers of compulsive gambling. It shows how Bennett’s habit starts as an exciting escape yet spirals out of control, costing him relationships, property, and putting his very life at risk. Though the casinos provide intense highs, the lows of losing take a severe psychological and financial toll. 

Bennett’s downward trajectory is a masterclass in how addiction warps rational thinking. Despite the mounting consequences, he can’t stop chasing losses with increasingly risky bets. His desperation leads to manipulating a student, showing how far gone he is.

The Gambler serves as a powerful cautionary tale, highlighting gambling addiction’s insidious nature and importance of seeking help before it’s too late. Wahlberg and Wyatt crafted an unflinchingly raw drama that lays bare addiction’s harrowing human costs.

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These Netflix films like Casino Royale, Mississippi Grind and The Gambler have made significant contributions to cinematic portrayals of casino games. Through dramatic storylines centered around poker, roulette and other classics, they immerse viewers in the high stakes excitement and strategic gameplay of these industries.

Iconic scenes like Bond’s poker hand in Casino Royale and the cross-country journey in Mississippi Grind have captured global audiences. 

By skillfully featuring authentic recreations of casino activities, these titles have spread awareness worldwide and cemented their place as some of the streaming service’s premier examples of gripping gaming-focused entertainment.

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