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Winners Name, runner -up and prize money of Bigg Boss Malayalam

The 1st season of the TV reality show is a big hit on the television screens. After the previous season, the show is coming with a new season. And it has made many fans hooked up to the televisions. Fans are very excited to know will win the 2nd season of the Bigg Boss. The Bigg Boss Malayalam is a good TRP coverage show. Bigg Boss Malayalam Winner Name List of the Season 2 will update shortly.

Bigg Boss Malayalam Winner Name List

The first season of the Malayalam version of the famous television reality shows Bigg Boss was started on the 24th of June 2018. While it has hosted by popular celebrity Mohanlal.

Sabumon Abdusamad: Bigg Boss Malayalam Season 1 Winner Name 2018

Sabumon Abdusamad is announced as the winner in the grand finale on the 30th of September 2018. Abdusamadwas one of the most expected title winners of the show.

The television reality shows Grand Finale on 30th September 2018. popular TV anchor Sabumon Abdusamad wins Mohanlal’s show, Bigg Boss Malayalam Season 1. And 1 crore as prize money along with the huge trophy.

Bigg Boss Malayalam Winner Name, Runner-up, prize money - Asianet

The television reality shows Big Boss Malayalam aired on the Asianet. The first season of Big Boss Malayalam featured a total of 18 housemates with 16 cameras. And it is a plan for a total of 98 days. Actor Aristo Suresh, Anchor Pearle Maaney, TV actor Srinish Aravind and Model Shiyas Kareem are the finalist.

Cancelled: Bigg Boss Malayalam Season 2 Winner Name 2019-20

After the previous, the show is coming back with the new season. The show is back with the new season on TV Screen 5 January 2020 and due to Pandemic reasons, the show was canceled.

Manikuttan: Bigg Boss Malayalam Season 3 Winner Name 2021

After no result in the previous season, the show has come back with a new season on 14 February 2021. After a few weeks, the show is going to the held finale on 30 May 2021. The total prize money for the Bigg Boss Malayalam Season 3 is ₹75 lakh.

Manikuttan wins the Bigg Boss Malayalam Season 3

The makers of the Big Boss television reality show have created many versions of the show in many Indian regional languages. So, that they can be reached to the maximum amount of the audience. It is basically based on the Hindi version of the Big Boss. The whole television reality show’s concept is based on Big Brother.

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