Bigg Boss Season 14 Auditions and Registration Start soon for commoners

Bigg Boss season 14 will conduct its online registration very soon. The popular television reality show has completed its 13th season successfully. And Maker of the show coming with the new season. And yes Salman Khan is only one once again host this show. So Bigg Boss 14 Auditions and Registration will be updated shortly, once it announced officially.

Bigg Boss season 13 was a huge hit. And fans are highly anticipating and excited for the brand new season of the show. According to sources, the upcoming season of the show will be also hosted by Salman Khan.

Bigg Boss Season 14 Auditions and Registration
Bigg Boss Season 14

The registration of the show will start in a few weeks. So check out complete details related to this television reality show. Also, find out more information related to the registration and audition of Bigg Boss season 14.

The official starting date for the upcoming season of the Bigg Boss is not revealed yet. But it will announce soon officially by the make of the show and Colors TV. Sidharth Shukla was the winner while his competitor Asim Riaz was the runner-up of the show. If you want to become an upcoming season winner then it’s time to prepare himself. Here is the winner’s name of all-season from season 1 to 13.

Bigg Boss 14 Auditions and Registration

As per as latest news, Some contestants of Bigg Boss Season 14 is out. And registration for commoners will start from May 2020. So this is good news for every Bigg Boss lovers because this is a chance to enter Bigg Boss and make your name, fame and carrier as well.

The Registration will be open for the candidates of 18 years old and above. And interested candidates mus be to meet their Eligibility criteria, which is mentioned below.

For registration, you can visit the Voot’s official website or app. The link to the registration form will be available on the website. Click on the website and fill your personal and contact details. Such as name, Email ID, Address, City, State, Contact Details, Why Do You Want To Be On The Show.

After filling this information you will have to upload an introduction video of yours, the video should be a maximum of 3 minutes. And Make sure in this audition video you should mention your intro, what is your personality, experiences, job, skills. If your application gets shortlisted by the official team of the Bigg Boss season 4, after that they will contact you for the further process.

The more auditions of this television reality show will available on the page after the official announcement. So make sure that you need to get the latest updates from the Bigg Boss season 14.

Bigg Boss season 14 Eligibility criteria
  • Participants must have Indian citizenship and valid proof of nationality.
  • Participants must agree on the terms and conditions of the show and channel.
  • Interested candidate must provide their true information.
  • Participants must provide their personal details if require interested.
  • Participants must be mentally and physically fit.
  • Participant’s age must be above 18 years old.

Stay tuned here to get the latest updates from the new TV shows. Also, don’t forget to check out audition details related to new television reality shows.


  1. Naghma perween
  2. Sajidhusain
  3. Piyush
  4. AAQIB Ali
  5. Imran khan
  6. umesh chauhan
  7. umesh chauhan
  8. Aashima dhar
  9. Rajput Archana
    • aaqib
    • Riyaz hussain
  10. Princy
  11. Poonam Shrimali
  12. Rajput Archana
  13. Rajput Archana
  14. Shehzad qureshi
  15. Preeti saxena
    • Survi
  16. Bhoora khan
  17. Bhoora khan
  18. Kuljeet Singh
  19. Rahul
  20. Jahangir Alam
  21. Nitesh chouhan
  22. Robin Gujjar
  23. ND Naved
    • Irfan khan
  24. Vishal Verma
    • Raj DHOTRE
  25. Vastvika rai
  26. Sakshi
    • priyanka tirkey
      • priyanka tirkey
        • Survi
  27. Astha Rawat
  28. krishan kumar
  29. Manish Kumar singh
    • Nasreen jahan
  30. Sahiba Soni
  31. Sahiba Soni
  32. Sahiba Soni
  33. Mubarik Khan
    • Nidhi Dwivedi
    • Sakshi
  34. Shadman
    • Survi
  35. Tuqeer Aamir
  36. Ritika
    • Jabaz khan
  37. Nehasingh
    • Shadman
    • Jabaz khan
  38. Shehzad qureshi
    • Manjeet
  39. Sankhadip saha
  40. Nootan singh
    • Preeti saxena
  41. Raman kumar chopra
  42. Neerajsahu
  43. Mohd Umar
  44. Rahul
  45. Sunil
    • Alkesh sharma
      • Baby singh
  46. Sakshi sharma
  47. Sakshi sharma
  48. Neha tiwari
  49. Himanshu Agrawal
  50. Rahil haq
    • Shadman
    • Meetu
  51. Mohd arif
  52. Shivangi giri
    • Survi
  53. Nikhil khushalani
  54. Vishal gangare
    • Vairabi Das
  55. Sagar
    • Mohd arif
      • Sakshi sharma
  56. Sagar
  57. Kumkum
  58. Sukh Singh
    • Mohit Malik
  59. Virendra Singh Jitarwal
    • Ritu
  60. Aftab
  61. Nitisha Sharma
  62. Kajal Rajpoot
    • Abhishek pathak
      • Sarika Jain
  63. Simran khan
    • M.r ãyush ãgnihotri
    • Rahul
      • Vikash singh
      • Vikash singh
        • Monti Dutta
        • Saurav kr
        • Manish Kumar singh
          • Rahul
    • Zohra khan
      • Nitesh chouhan