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Bir Radha Sherpa winner of the Dance Champions 2017

Dance Champion is the dancing reality show started on 30th September. And It has Broadcasting on star plus channel. The show was sponsor by Oppo and Hyundai and created by choreographer and director Remo Dsouza.  And it is hosted by Raghav Juyal.  dance Champion has a totally different concept from other dance reality shows. Check Dance Champions Winner Name 2017.

Concept of the show

There are two types of contestants in this show. one type of contestants are challengers. While other contestants are Champions. The show features extreme dace battle between this two teams. here is the total list of contestants Of the Dance Champion :

Star Plus Dance Champions Winner Name 2017

Dance Champions 2017 Winner

Bir Radha Sherpa, who is the 18-year-old luckiest boy won the Dance Champion Trophy. After taking home the trophy of Dance Plus 3. The grand finale episode, to be aired this weekend, so watch there will see him win the title.

The competition in the show is very strong. But After seeing the pints of the top contestants in the show.  some results can be estimated.

Beer Radha Sherpa has highest points. After seeing the first-week and last weeks scores, he is almost the highest point. so, beer Radha sherpa can be declared as the winner of the show. Aart from this  Piyush Bhagat is also going strong in the competition. while Aryan Patra has been eliminated from the show due to health reasons.

So finally Bie Radha Sherpa have highest chances of winning  Dance Champion show. he is also the winner of the Dance Plus season 3.

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  1. San says

    Congo Bir for your win, my fvrts are Bir, Bad Salsa = MJ5, Kings United, Aryan and Faisal – Vaishnavi

  2. Kumar Aryan says

    Mj5 aur kuch nahi.yaa but bir also accepted it

  3. Siuli Kanjilal says

    Bir and Piyush are my fav + MJ 5 also

  4. Jaswinder Singh says

    MJ5 is really awesome

  5. Sara khan says

    MJ5 are my fav…they are the Best…they are already Winners for me❤

  6. Akib khan says

    I’m biggest fan of Faisal and baisnavi

  7. Demo desuza says

    M not hpy to hear the winner name bir i hate

  8. Raj singh says

    Piyush Bhagat is very strong & excellent dancer I am huge fan of him
    He also winner of dance champion
    For me

    1. Raj singh says

      Piyush u rock

  9. dimpal says

    mj 5 is best dancer group awsome

    1. Ketan says

      Very best dancer MJ 5

  10. Suraj says

    I love sushi style

  11. Raja says

    Congrats bro bir I m very happy.

  12. Jay says

    Piyush is the True dancer, his dance sync’s with the music. As for Bir Radha, he is very good at what he does(bir style). his movements does not go as well as Piyush’s with the music. Too much b-boying, it’s like watching acrobatic’s with music in background.

    Any form of Dance movement’s should match to the music your dancing to.

    I would pay to watch bir radha Sherpa @ circus!
    I would pay to watch Piyush @ international dance competition/ concert/
    PIYUSH YOU ROCK!!!!!!!!!

  13. Nandit Sharma says

    You are my GOD of dance

  14. Jeherul says

    Congratulations Bir.

  15. Kavita says

    I m big fan of piyush bhagat

  16. Gayatri says

    i’m a huge fan of mj5