The Great Indian Laughter Challenge 2019 Auditions and Registration

The great Indian laughter challenge is all set to come back with its second seasons. The comedy show was broadcast on the star plus. While viewers can also watch it on the Bollywood actor Akshay Kumar is expected judges of upcoming Season. While there will be three mentors in the show to critics the contestant performance. The great Indian laughter one of the biggest comedy show on the Indian television industry. Check the Great Indian Laughter Challenge 2019 Auditions and Online Registration Details.

The show gives a platform to all talent comedian to show cast their talent on the big platform. So, if you want to be recognized as a big comedian in the entertainment industry, you can go register yourself for the auditions. The addition of the show will start soon. While the new version of the show The Great Telugu Laughter Challenge audition has started.

The Great Indian Laughter Challenge 2019 Auditions and Registration

Officials channel and makers of the show will be announced the date for recognition for the auditions. Till then stay tuned for more related updates.  The first season of the great India laughter challenge was won by the Abhishekh Walia.

The Great Indian Laughter Challenge 2019 Auditions and Registration

The Indian Laughter Challenge  2nd season 2018, and the popular  Bollywood actor Akshay Kumar is inviting a talented artist to showcase their talent.  If you are interested in the comedy genre and if you are good at making laugh people you can participate in the show.  Anyone can participate in the show. Interested candidate can participate in the show without any gender and age boundaries.

All interested candidate are required to age between 5 years old to 50 years old.  After the successful online registration shortlisted candidates will be called out for the next round.  If you have any queries or you need any extra audition.

City: Lucknow
Date: TBA
Day: TBA

City: Delhi
Date: TBA
Day: TBA

City: Amritsar
Date: TBA
Day: TBA

City: Mumbai
Date: TBA
Day: TBA

You can check the official website of the great Indian laughter challenge. The venue of the audition will be declared later, after the official website announcement of the makers of the show. till then stay tuned for more related updates.

If you want to know more auditions then follow our FACEBOOK and TWITTER Page. You can also join our Liv Notification or Email. Abhishek Walia is the winner of the previous season, check the all season winners list.


  1. Tagyung Yangfo
  2. Sonu Gupta
  3. murad ansari
  4. Alok dabral
  5. Alok dabral
  6. Bhaskar Das
  7. sourabh
  8. Saransh
  9. Sunil Dubey
  10. hariom ojha
  11. Ashish bohat
  12. Ashish bohat
  13. Ashish bohat
  14. Jitendra kahar
  15. Alok Verma
  16. Alok Verma
    • Rahul kaushik
  18. Teju kumar
  19. Avi mali
  20. Jitender kumar
  21. hariom ojha
  22. Digvijat kumar
  23. Jamwant singh
  24. Pardeep Singh
  25. Dr.Siddique Ali (Dr.Sid ).
  26. Ujjwal
  27. rajan verma
  28. Amit sharma
  29. Anand maurya
  30. Asifhasan
  31. Ram
  32. sujal gupta
  33. Sujal Gupta
  34. Sujal Gupta
  35. Md.Anish
  36. Ravi.chaudhari
  37. Nikunj Tyagi
  38. parvez alam khan
  39. Rahul kashyap
  40. Md.Anish
  41. sikandar sarki
  42. Mohan mathur
    • Deepak gupta
  43. Paras