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A new show on Colors Marathi ‘Sakkhe Shejari’ Check out Details



Sakkhe Shejari is a new and upcoming show on the popular channel Colors Marathi. Colors Marathi has given us many hits and popular shows to date. Sakkhe Shejari is the new show with a new concept on the channel. Check Sakkhe Shejari Start Date, Judges, Promo, and Colors Marathi Schedule.


Check out more information about the Sakkhe Shejari start date, judges, concept, etc here on this website. To know more about the show Sakkhe Shejari stick around this page.

Colors Marathi Sakkhe Shejari Teaser

The concept of the show is going to be unique. As we can see it in the teaser that the doorbell rings and a lady asks ‘kon aahe’ (who’s there) and the door opens and it says, ‘Sakkhe Shejari Lavkarach Aaplya Ghari’

A small teaser of the show is share on the Facebook page by the Colors Marathi. Colors Marathi has given a caption to it in Marathi as, ” रंगणार गप्पा लै भारी, जेव्हा घरी येणार ‘सख्खे शेजारी’… लवकरच तुमच्या हाकेला धावून येतोय नवा कार्यक्रम #SakkheShejari#ColorsMarathi वर.” (Ranganar gappa lai bhari, jevha ghari yenar ‘Sakkhe Shejari’… lavkarach tumchya hakela dhaun yetai nava karyakram #SakkheShejari#ColorsMarathi var)

Colors Marathi Sakkhe Shejari Concept

The concept of the show will be having the participants as the neighbours. These participants will be sharing a few of their memories of each other as the neighbours. There will be a few games and tasks played among them and the winner will be receiving prizes.

Sakkhe Shejari Start Date, Judges, Promo, Colors Marathi Schedule

Colors Marathi Sakkhe Shejari Start Date

The show will soon be starting and will be telecasting on the channel. There is no official announcement regarding the start date of the show yet.

We will soon be updating you with the start date of the show after an official confirmation from the sources.

Colors Marathi Sakkhe Shejari Judges

The judges for the show are yet to be announce by the makers. The whole concept and judges for the show will be announced soon.

We will soon be updating you with the judges of the show after the confirmation from the official sources.

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Color Marathi Sakkhe Shejari Schedule

The schedule of the show is yet to be out by the makers. This show will be coming on the popular channel Colors Marathi.

Colors Marathi is a popular channel that has given us many hits and the popular shows on the channel. A few of popular shows to name are Raja Ranichi Ga Jodi, Swamini, Jeev Jhala Yedapisa, etc.

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