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Who will win the Bigg Boss Season 11, Hina or Shilpa?

Big Boss is the biggest Indian reality television. Basically, the show is based on the  Dutch reality show’ big brother’.  So, this year the show is at the end of the 11th season. The previous season of the show was successfully completed. and his season is not exceptional. participants were highly anticipated by the audience. This is one of the most entertaining and controversial shows running on the Indian television.

So big boss is hosted by popular Bollywood star Salman Khan. And the show has always stayed on the top charts of the TRP’s.  This year the show was running with the team of Padosi. And the contestant which participated in the show were very entertaining as the show is mainly known for her fights and drama. This year it didn’t fail our expectations. It is almost ending the 11th season. five finalists are announced in the house.   The show has a huge fan based and there are many people who are highly interested in knowing the winner of its 11h season. So, here is Prediction of the winner.

Who will win Bigg Boss Season 11?

BREAKING NEWS: Vikas Gupta eliminated from the show. Now the final battle is between  Shilpa Shinde and Hina Khan.

so, in the 11th season of the big boss, many contestants have given audience to talk about a lot. Shilpa Shinde is one of the favorite members of the big boss house. While Hina Khan has also managed to get good attention in the house.  Ashish Dadlani and Luv Tyagi also have managed to get a lot of fan following outside the house.

While Vikas Gupta is also not less than anyone. but for the trophy o the big boss 11, there is strong competition between Hina Khan and Shilpa Shinde. But after seeing Hina Khan’s popularity in the show she has higher chances winning the show. while Shilpa Shinde is also one of the best and tough contender. she was not involved in any controversies.

Final contestant:

  • Hina Khan
  • Shilpa Shinde
  • Vikas Gupta
  • Luv Tyagi
  • Akash Dadlani

Who will win the Bigg Boss Season 11? Comment your Answers Now!

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  1. Danish Khan says

    Shilpa shinde all world winnar

  2. Nancy Kumari says

    Hina khan

    1. Nancy Kumari says

      Hina khan will be win

  3. Shaniram Qadeer says

    Shilpa shinde Will be win

  4. Shaniram Qadeer says

    Shilpa shinde

  5. Nain's says

    Shilpa shinde

  6. hskaswanh says


  7. Divya singh says

    Hina khan

  8. Mohd.shahil says

    Vikas gupta win becaus he was master mind and always complete a task

  9. Mohd.shahil says

    Vikaas gupta

  10. payal says

    Shilpa shinde

  11. Avinash singh says

    Vikas gupta real mastermind

  12. Adv. Satish Gangwar says

    Shilpa shinde

  13. Shashank Rawat says

    Hina Khan

  14. Lakshmi says

    i wish HINA, but SHILPA may win.

  15. Neha Goswami says

    Vikas gupta

  16. Sakshi Oberai says

    Obviously its shilpa

  17. Aswinikumarmishra says

    Gina khan

  18. SURAJ KUMAR says

    Shilpa sinde

  19. Deepak Roy says

    Shilpa wenear big boss 11

  20. Rashi saxena says

    Shilpa shinde

    1. Irfan Ahmad says

      I love
      And she is winner
      I hope
      All the best

  21. Md Nursalim sk says

    shilpa shinde

  22. Khushbu nunia says

    Hina khan

  23. Poonam dhatwalia says

    Shilpa shinde