MasterChef India Winner Name: Season 1 to 6

MasterChef India is a successful cooking show on the Indian Television Industries. The show was started in 2010 in India and now in 2019-20 going Season 6. And MasterChef India Winner Name of Season 6 will be announced soon on Grand Finale.

MasterChef India Winner Name From Season 1 to 6





Pankaj Bhadouria

Akshay Kumar
Kunal Kapur
Ajay Chopra


Shipra Khanna

Vikas Khanna
Kunal Kapur
Ajay Chopra


Ripu Daman Handa

Vikas Khanna
Kunal Kapur
Sanjeev Kapoor


Nikita Gandhi

Vikas Khanna
Sanjeev Kapoor
Ranveer Brar


Kirti Bhoutika

Vikas Khanna
Kunal Kapur
Zorawar Kalra


Abinas Nayak

Vikas Khanna
Ranveer Brar
Vineet Bhatia

Pankaj Bhadouria: Masterchef India Season 1 winner Name 2010

The first season of Master Chef India started on 16 October 2010. Star plus is a broadcaster of the show and Bollywood action hero Akshay Kumar was host season. While Ajay Chopra, the chef from Goa Marriott Resort and Kunal Kapoor, a chef from Leela Kempinski was the judges.

The final match of the first season was between Radhika Agarwal, Pankaj Bhadouria, and Jayanandan Bhaskar. 38 years old Pankaj Bhadouria is the winner of season 1. She belongs to Lucknow. She proved that women can do anything.

Shipra Khanna: Masterchef India Season Winner Name 2012

After the 1st season, MasterChef India season 2 has started in 2011. The second season was hosting Vikas Khanna by replacing first season holster Akshay Kumar.

Three finalist’s contestant’s names are Shipra Khanna, Joseph Rozario, and Salma Shazia. After defeating other contestants Shipra Khanna won the second season title of master chef India. She belongs to Shimla.

Ripudaman Handa: Masterchef India Season 3 Winner Name 2013

The third season of the show was started in 2013. On season third a new Judges Sanjeev Kapoor joint to master chef India by replacing Ajay Chopra. Judge’s names are in season three Sanjeev Kapoor, Vikash Khanna, and Kunal Kapoor.

Ripudaman Handa won the title of the third season of Master Chef India. He belongs to Delhi. He became the champion after defeating finalists Doel Sarangi and Navneet  Rastogi.

Nikita Gandhi: Masterchef India Season 4 Winner Name 2015

The fourth season of MasterChef India is started in the year 2015.  Judges names are in season fourth Chef Sanjeev Kapoor, Chef Ranvier Brar, and Chef Vikas Khanna.  Three finalist’s contestant’s names are Nikita Gandhi, Bhakti Arora, and Neha Deepak Shah.

Nikita Gandhi became champion after defeating Bhakti Arora and Neha Deepak Shah. Neha Deepak Shah was the first runner-up, and Bhakti Arora was second runner-up.

Kirti Bhoutika: Masterchef India Season 5 Winner Name 2016

Kolkata girl Kirti Bhoutika wins MasterChef India Season 5, who was from Kolkata, is a home-baker with a skill set that has now proved to be unmatched. She is the youngest female contestant on the show to win the title. Join Fallow on facebook kirti.bhoutika

Abinas Nayak: Masterchef India Season 6 winner name 2019-20

After a long time the show was started on 7 December 2019 and the grand finale will be aired soon in the month of few weeks. But as per source The winner of the show has been announced. As per our source winner is leaked during the shoot of MasterChef India.

Abinas Nayak is the winner of the MasterChef India, not only he took trophy but also he won 25 Lakh cash prize money. Vikas Khanna, Ranveer Brar, and Vineet Bhatia were the judges.

MasterChef India Winner Name of Season 6 Abinas Nayak, 25 Lakh Prize

Reaming Contestants list

  • Contestant
  • Abinas Nayak
  • Nandini Diwakar
  • Natasha Gandhi
  • Akanksha Khatri
  • Oindrila Bala
  • Prince Sharma
  • Smrutisree Singh
  • Akash Sonkar
  • Mahendra Thulung


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