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MTV Roadies Real Heroes 2019 Audition and Registration Open

MTV India is all set to come up with the new season of the MTV Roadies Real Heroes. The upcoming season of the show will be bringing lots of golden opportunities to young girls and boys. MTV Roadies Real Heroes 2019 has announced their auditions and registration. So, here are complete details about MTV roadies Real Heroes. Also check out how you can do registration for the audition of the upcoming season of the Roadies Real Heroes.

For the registration for the audition of the roadies, you have to do registration at audition venue yourself. For the registration of the show, you can visit the following venue. Fill the Registration Form completely. Write your personal a contact details. Make sure you give accessible contact details. If your application gets shortlisted you might get a call from an official team of the show, after Group Round.

MTV Roadies Real Heroes Audition 2019 & Online Registration Form

MTV Roadies Real Heroes Audition 2019 & Registration

The auditions gate open at 9 AM IST onward. So Please reached at time and reaming audition venue will update shortly.

City: Delhi
Date: 5 January 2019
Venue: International Trade Expo

City: Chandigarh
Date: 9 January 2019
Venue: Indradhanush Auditorium, Panchkula

City: Indore
Date: 13 January 2019
Venue: The Millennium School

City: Pune
Date: 18 January 2019
Venue: Jarande Lawns Pune

More information related to the ground audition of the show will update on page shortly. So, make sure you stay tuned here to get al latest details related to the MTV roadies real heroes.

Roadies real heroes will be featuring real heroes of our society. The upcoming season of the show is coming up with the new twist. The upcoming season of the show will give direct entries to candidates.

If you know any real hero around you, you can nominate them at [email protected].

Roadies have created careers of many celebrities such as Ayushman Khurana, Prince, Ranvijay, and many more. it is one of the iconic and oldest reality show on an Indian television network. it will be interesting to watch the upcoming season of the show.

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  1. Mohammed Shakir says

    Hii sir /maidam iam interested to join with roadies revolution
    I believe my self to show my strength and change some bad things through your show

  2. Ajay Sharma says

    Sir, main roades me aana cahta hu

  3. Addi says

    Hi it’s me addi I am a Wildlife photographer an Wildlife researcher. Basically I am working man-leopard conflict awareness program in maharashtra and Wildlife conservation an awareness is my passion so I thought this is a platform for me to spread awareness in our country.
    To save our mother earth.
    [email protected].

  4. Puneet chaudhary says

    Sir aap har bar unko hi lete ho jo famous ho ya jinka hisab kitab bhadia ho kbhi hum jese logo ko bhi mauka do puri raat line m khade hote h

  5. Lakshya pal says

    Hello sir my name is Lakshya pal. I from Delhi city. I’m want participate this reality show. I believe myself to win this reality show. Give me a chance sir. (9911352990) E-Mail:[email protected]

    1. naamkakyakroge says

      bro do something productive with your life, dont waste your time on these useless things.

  6. Parth says

    Sir lucknow me bhi audition le ge kya ab log

  7. shubham mittal says

    sir please give me a one chance only and i prove my self

  8. shubham mittal says

    hi sir
    i am intrested please give me a chance

  9. Shahrukh Khan says

    Hello sir my name is Shahrukh khan. I from Bhopal city. Im want participate this reality show. I believe myself to win this reality show. Give me a chance sir.

  10. Mausumi Das says

    Sir/mam ek moka chahiye muje…duniya ko ..ye dekhane k liye ki ek akeli ladki v sb kar skti hain.plzz sir / mam bas ek chance dedo…

  11. Pankaj Nayak says

    I really want to be on this show ❤️
    Coz this is the platform where i can achieve something by my own ❤️
    Like respect and love form my county and make my parents feel proud

  12. Raj choudhary says

    Mujhe ek Moka de plz sir g

  13. Raj choudhary says
  14. Guri says

    Ohh cant wait to turn 18
    I will surely attend roadies in my life once ❤️

  15. Mohammed saif says

    Hiii sir Im mohammed saif from Hyderabad if your interested call me 9052810165 comedy me tua pecho hiii mat acting is my hobby

  16. Mashkoor ali says

    Name… Mashkoor ali
    [email protected]
    Sir thori comedy aati h bus

  17. Tejas Jain says

    Sir I would like to participate in this show as this is my one of the favourite shows in hindi.i frankly speak sir.i don’t know Hindi but I would manage and try to mingle with everyone.i wanna be a part of some reality shows.its my dream.plss sir give me a chance.

  18. KALYANI OJHA says

    Passport is only important for verification of a person or pan card and adhar card can work?

  19. Shubham ingle says

    9096093114 / email address: – tarzaningle143gmail. Com.. And please give one chance to me sir mam.

  20. Lucky says
  21. Sahil sheikh says
    1. Sahil sheikh says
  22. Pawan Muchhal says

    Audition plan ka address to complete dalo , ya fir yha bhi task he he. address search kro or aduition dene aao.

  23. Sunil dhakad says

    Pls I, m relly heroes roadies

  24. Raj choudhary says

    Sir app mujhe ek Moka de mujhe dam hai Kuch kar dikhane ka

  25. Raj choudhary says

    My name is Raj choudhary from fazilka
    My contact number. +916283598183
    Plz sir ek Moka mujhe de

  26. Aman Raj says

    Most of the people beg the chance to audition on roadies. They should understand that if u have passion than no one can stops you.
    Stop begging and learn to earn

  27. Saif says

    H͟͟i͟͟ s͟͟i͟͟r͟͟ /mam I͟͟’m͟͟ b͟͟i͟͟g͟͟ f͟͟a͟͟n͟͟ t͟͟o͟͟ p͟͟r͟͟i͟͟n͟͟c͟͟e͟͟ b͟͟h͟͟a͟͟i͟͟
    M͟͟a͟͟i͟͟ n͟͟o͟͟m͟͟i͟͟n͟͟a͟͟t͟͟e͟͟d͟͟ a͟͟p͟͟n͟͟e͟͟ a͟͟a͟͟p͟͟ k͟͟o͟͟ k͟͟r͟͟n͟͟a͟͟ c͟͟h͟͟a͟͟h͟͟t͟͟a͟͟ h͟͟u͟͟ k͟͟y͟͟u͟͟k͟͟i͟͟ m͟͟a͟͟i͟͟ a͟͟p͟͟n͟͟e͟͟ f͟͟a͟͟m͟͟i͟͟l͟͟y͟͟ k͟͟a͟͟ r͟͟e͟͟a͟͟l͟͟ h͟͟e͟͟r͟͟o͟͟ h͟͟u͟͟ … . M͟͟a͟͟i͟͟ a͟͟p͟͟n͟͟e͟͟ f͟͟a͟͟m͟͟i͟͟l͟͟y͟͟ k͟͟e͟͟ d͟͟r͟͟e͟͟a͟͟m͟͟ k͟͟e͟͟ s͟͟a͟͟t͟͟h͟͟ j͟͟i͟͟ r͟͟h͟͟a͟͟ h͟͟u͟͟ m͟͟a͟͟i͟͟n͟͟e͟͟ a͟͟p͟͟n͟͟a͟͟ d͟͟r͟͟e͟͟a͟͟m͟͟ c͟͟h͟͟o͟͟d͟͟e͟͟ d͟͟i͟͟y͟͟a͟͟ t͟͟h͟͟a͟͟ b͟͟u͟͟t͟͟ j͟͟b͟͟ b͟͟h͟͟i͟͟ m͟͟a͟͟i͟͟ P͟͟r͟͟i͟͟n͟͟c͟͟e͟͟ b͟͟h͟͟a͟͟i͟͟ k͟͟o͟͟ d͟͟e͟͟k͟͟h͟͟t͟͟a͟͟ h͟͟u͟͟ t͟͟o͟͟. J͟͟u͟͟n͟͟u͟͟n͟͟ a͟͟a͟͟a͟͟ . J͟͟a͟͟t͟͟a͟͟ h͟͟a͟͟i͟͟ k͟͟i͟͟ m͟͟a͟͟i͟͟ b͟͟h͟͟i͟͟ k͟͟u͟͟c͟͟h͟͟ k͟͟r͟͟ s͟͟k͟͟t͟͟a͟͟ h͟͟u͟͟. T͟͟h͟͟e͟͟n͟͟ m͟͟u͟͟j͟͟h͟͟e͟͟ p͟͟t͟͟a͟͟ c͟͟h͟͟a͟͟l͟͟a͟͟ k͟͟i͟͟ r͟͟o͟͟d͟͟i͟͟e͟͟s͟͟ r͟͟e͟͟a͟͟l͟͟ h͟͟e͟͟r͟͟o͟͟ k͟͟a͟͟ a͟͟u͟͟d͟͟i͟͟t͟͟i͟͟o͟͟n͟͟ o͟͟n͟͟ l͟͟i͟͟n͟͟e͟͟ h͟͟o͟͟g͟͟a͟͟ j͟͟o͟͟ r͟͟e͟͟a͟͟l͟͟ h͟͟e͟͟r͟͟o͟͟ h͟͟o͟͟g͟͟a͟͟ f͟͟i͟͟r͟͟ m͟͟u͟͟j͟͟h͟͟e͟͟ l͟͟g͟͟a͟͟ k͟͟i͟͟ g͟͟o͟͟d͟͟ j͟͟i͟͟ m͟͟e͟͟r͟͟e͟͟ l͟͟i͟͟y͟͟e͟͟ r͟͟a͟͟s͟͟t͟͟a͟͟ b͟͟n͟͟a͟͟ r͟͟h͟͟e͟͟ h͟͟a͟͟i͟͟ a͟͟a͟͟g͟͟e͟͟ j͟͟a͟͟n͟͟e͟͟ k͟͟a͟͟ k͟͟u͟͟c͟͟h͟͟ a͟͟l͟͟a͟͟g͟͟ k͟͟r͟͟n͟͟e͟͟ k͟͟a͟͟ k͟͟y͟͟u͟͟k͟͟i͟͟ m͟͟a͟͟i͟͟ j͟͟a͟͟h͟͟a͟͟ s͟͟e͟͟ a͟͟a͟͟t͟͟a͟͟ h͟͟u͟͟ v͟͟h͟͟a͟͟ r͟͟o͟͟a͟͟d͟͟i͟͟e͟͟ k͟͟e͟͟ b͟͟a͟͟r͟͟e͟͟ m͟͟e͟͟ j͟͟y͟͟a͟͟d͟͟a͟͟ n͟͟h͟͟i͟͟ p͟͟t͟͟a͟͟ k͟͟i͟͟s͟͟i͟͟ k͟͟o͟͟ i͟͟s͟͟i͟͟ l͟͟i͟͟y͟͟e͟͟ m͟͟a͟͟i͟͟ y͟͟e͟͟ s͟͟h͟͟o͟͟w͟͟ j͟͟i͟͟t͟͟n͟͟a͟͟ c͟͟h͟͟a͟͟h͟͟t͟͟a͟͟ . H͟͟u͟͟. .. T͟͟a͟͟k͟͟e͟͟ o͟͟n͟͟e͟͟ c͟͟h͟͟a͟͟n͟͟c͟͟e͟͟….. .T͟͟h͟͟n͟͟k͟͟ u͟͟

  28. Hamim Malik patel says

    Hi Sir Ek real hero Hai Jo Mere papa hai Jo kabhi bhi kisi Cheez Ke Liye Haar nahi mante papa ke sath mai ja raha tha Ramzan ka Waqt tha Tu Road Ke Side bahut Sare police the Garmi ka time tha Pani nahi mil raha tha Papa ne filter Pani Dena start kar diya aur abhi tak de rahe hain Yeh hai mere papa real hero main unhi Ki Tarah Banna Chahta Ho isiliye main Roadies Mein Aana Chahta Ho

  29. Pankaj Jha says

    Hi sir I interested join this show please sir give me one chance mai pure bolne me talented hoon darta nhi hoon kisi se